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european_union's Journal

Unity in Diversity
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European Politics from the EU perspective. With heated discussions.
This community is dedicated to discussion concerning the European Union. This community has three main objectives: 1. To assess EU history and progress in an analytic and critical manner 2. To follow current events revolving around the EU while evaluating the potential impact of such changes. 3. And finally, to on the whole create a forum of diverse opinion on the goals and movements the of European Union as a whole whether it be from a macro leveled global perspective or through the micro level of cultural implications.

While you're welcome to differ completely in opinion (Brussels, Russia, Turkey, you name it), your style needs to be civil. Verbal abuse might have a place in your own LJ or in your own community. It does not, however, have a place in this community.
Please take this a three-strikes warning. Three strikes and you're out, at least for a limited amount of time.

We will always be open to your opinion, and even if banning you for your return, if you agree to present it in a socially acceptable manner, without insults, and without blocking comments by members.

You are welcome in this group - if you keep behaving like a sober adult.

Iras Cignavojo, aka WGW, maintainer.