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Community Maintenance

In response to the recent activity in comments and this post I would like group members to take a quick poll.

Community Behaviour

1. Who, in your opinion, is spamming or trolling here mostly, with attacks ad hominem?

all of the above

2. What should, in your opinion, be done about that?

TimeOut (no posting rights for a time)
Cast out (no member anymore)
All of the above, one after the other

Thanks for your participation.
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I guess I agree with you that the role of a moderator and maintainer of a community website is:
  • to incite clashes between members;
  • to make members vote against each other to woo for your favours;
  • to pitch opposing members against each other, gladiator-style;
  • to degrade a community site dedicated to the critical take on the EU into a Jerry Springer show;
  • to leave the interpretation of what constitutes "spamming and trolling" to feuding members;
  • to mesh attacks and reflexive defence together, obscuring the right with the shrill message of the wrong.

    All said, a rather infantile effort. I'd rather debate the European disUnion; but the name of this community is misleading in that endeavour too.
  • You certainly know how to make friends and influence people.

    Seriously though. You seem hell bent on offending EVERYONE. Even those who may agree with you seem to deserve nothing but ridicule and disrespect.

    You do realize talking shit to a community mod is the quickest way to get banned. LJ communities are not democracies, they're Monarchy's. It's generally unwise to thumb your noise at the King. I would think such a jingoist Brit would know better?
    * IGNORED *
    For previously stated reasons
    Indeed you can't bully me so this is all you've got.
    You've given already a wealth of evidence that shows you are immune to reason, ignorant of facts and resilient to treatment.
    eu4hell wrote:
    You've given already a wealth of evidence that shows you are immune to reason, ignorant of facts and resilient to treatment." reason, ignorant of facts and resilient to treatment.

    Wow, you actually consider yourself a source of both reason and fact. Not one, but two spectacular conceits. Everytime I think you can push the boundries of Internet Assholedom any more. You manage to steam ahead yet further.

    I'd like to revert to calling you a troll or something similar commonly understood internet term. But the fact is you aren't a troll. You're just an asshole.

    n. Vulgar Slang
    2. A thoroughly contemptible, detestable person.

    Oh check that. I've found an official explianation. It would appear you are an Internet Jerk
    Jerk is sarcastic, mean, unforgiving and never misses an opportunity to make a cutting remark. Jerk's repulsive personality quickly alienates other Warriors, and after some initial skirmishing he is usually ostracized. Still, Jerk is very happy to participate in electronic forums because in cyberspace he is free to be himself...without the risk of getting a real-time punch in the mouth

    It would appear you are well on your way from being banned here, again.
    If you know the words you're using are vulgar slang - stop using them here.

    I had assumed I made myself perfectly clear that ad hominem attacks, profanity etc will not be tolerated here. Rage as much as you want - offline or elfewhere. Here however I'm quite impartial in who should stop attacking the other. (Gladiatorial style or showing a lack of any style)

    Keep your wording in check, both of you, and this will go fine.
    I never understood the idea of vulgarity. I can follow the rule to be sure. But I don't understand the concept of "bad words".

    But I suppose that is a discussion for language communities.

    I might suggest you taking a look at convert_me moderation scheme. It is by far the most robust I've yet seen on LJ(or any other forum/discussion community)