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Unity in Diversity's Journal

Saturday, March 14, 2015


​Квартира в ЕС для как для ПМЖ так и просто для отдыха. Литва. Не агентство! От собственника.
Квартира принадлежит моей матери , я только распространяю информацию - поэтому очень прошу не писать комменты и сообщения мне, а сразу спрашивать обо всём по адресу milastr@gmail.com или на ФБ https://www.facebook.com/liudmila.buchneva Спасибо за понимание:-)!
​.квартира 80 кв.м
​. в г. Дусетос, Зарасайский район. 130 км от столицы - Вильнюса, ближайшие города Утена и Зарасай.​
​ ​
Со всеми удобствами. На берегу Сартайского озера. Асфальт до дома, интернет и кабельное ТВ, автономное отопление, кирпичная хозпостройка. При желании можно и огород развести, есть место во дворе. Жизнь на природе с городским комфортом! 18000EUR(торг). milastr@gmail.com
Кстати, большинство моих пейзажей написано именно в окрестностях этой квартиры:-).
​Пожалуйста, все вопросы шлите на ​
​ или сюда: ​

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Помогу с:
-страхование здоровья без завышения для детей и пенсионеров
- покупка и аренда жилья
- вписывание представительства
- курсы болгарского языка
- страхование
- зелёные карты
- перерегистрация
- автосервис
И многое другое!

Все вопросы прошу писать на почту tattarasova@gmail.com.
Можно связаться со мной на Фейсбуке: https://www.facebook.com/tata.tarasova.1
Или, если Вы уже приехали, можно позвонить по тел. 08 763 55 238

Sunday, June 23, 2013

11:45PM - Продаётся благоустроенная 3к. квартира в Литве у озера.

Продаётся квартира в Литве!
Квартира принадлежит моей матери , я только распространяю информацию - поэтому очень прошу не писать комменты и сообщения мне, а сразу спрашивать обо всём по адресу milastr@gmail.com Спасибо за понимание:-)!
Полностью отремонтированная 3-комнатная квартира 80 кв.м Со всеми удобствами. На берегу Сартайского озера, г. Дусетос. Асфальт до дома, интернет и кабельное ТВ, автономное отопление, кирпичная хозпостройка. При желании можно и огород развести, есть место во дворе. Жизнь на природе с городским комфортом! 18000EUR(торг). milastr@gmail.com Кстати, большинство моих пейзажей написано именно в окрестностях этой квартиры:-).

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Monday, June 25, 2012

12:18AM - Statement from EGP co-chair, Monica Frassoni on the eurocrisis and future of Europe

Never as in these months and weeks, the need of a European, alternative, positive and realistic approach to the crisis and above all to its solution emerges as an absolute priority.

I was asked to give an assessment of the current situation both from my “Italian” point of view and as co-Chair of the EGP. I will start with my second “hat” and please allow me to be clear, while having the maximum respect for all decisions you will take and thanking you again for your invitation.

We Greens, and both the resolution adopted in Copenhagen with a large majority and the document presented today show this very well, share a common analysis of the situation and agree on the solutions, even if there can be different appreciation of how much “stability” is needed in order to have “solidarity”.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

12:57AM - Tata Tarasova in York (England)


Saturday, July 9, 2011

7:06PM - День города в Дусетос (Литва).City Day in Dusetos (Lithuania).

Esta placa de polvo “Zona para el transporte” - la tarjeta de la administración local))).This dusty plate “Area for transport”.– the card of the local administration))). Tai dulkine lentelė - vietinės administracijos vizitine kortelė))).Эта пыльная табличка – визитная карточка местной администрации))).

Europe??Collapse )

Thursday, December 23, 2010

1:04AM - Alarm bells in the Euro zone...

"Gordon Brown, the former British prime minister and finance minister, believes there is likely to be “a major crisis in the euro area in the first few months of 2011.” In an interview with the BBC, Brown worries about the massive liabilities of European banks, the principal holders of Greek, Irish and Spanish debt."
(Read on...)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

4:46AM - Verdict of the German Constitutional Court

Former MEP Tobias Pflüger (GUE/NGL) from tuebingen writes in his blog:

On June 30 the German Constitutional Court decided in an exciting verdict whether the Lisbon Treaty is unconstitutional. But the court used a trick by declaring the treaty per se as constitutionally compliant, but at the same time declaring that part of the accompanying legislation as unconstitutional, which was used by the Bundestag (lower house) and Bundesrat (upper house) to ratify the treaty: “The law about the extension and strengthening the rights of the Bundestag and Bundesrat regarding the affairs of the European Union (extension law) is violating article 38 (1) as related to article 23 (1) of the constitution insofar as the participatory rights of the German Bundestag and Bundesrat have not sufficiently been developed."

This pertains to a number of points in the Lisbon Treaty for which the Federal Constitutional Court claims that the Bundestag and Bundesrat tried to disempower themselves. An important aspect is the decision-making process regardin gmilitary deployments of the European Union.

In the verdict it says that the appeal of the petitioners is justified in this regard “as far as the applicant claims a violation of the decision-making power of the German Bundestag concerning the deployment of German military forces.” And “A similarly distinct borderline is drawn by the constitution concerning decisions about the deployment of the federal army. Except for the state of defence, a deployment abroad is only allowed within the system of mutual collective security (article 24 [2] of the constitution), while the concrete deployment constitutionally requires the approval by the Bundestag. The federal army is a ‘Parliamentary Army’, and therefore the representative organ of the people has to decide about its use."
The Lisbon Treaty creates vast new military competence for the EU. This is unfortunately confirmed by the Federal Constitutional Court in its verdict. But fortunately the Federal Constitutional Court has corrested the fact that the German Bundestag had disempowered itself by its approval of the Lisbon Treaty.

The judges clarified: only the German Bundestag is empowered to decide about foreign military deployment of the federal army. According to the Federal Constitutional Court, the disempowerment of the Bundestag concerning decisions about military deployments of the EU as it is stipulated by the Lisbon Treaty and the German accompanying legislation is unconstitutional.Read more...Collapse )

Monday, October 13, 2008

10:58AM - Bank power in the EU

An interesting, and quite unexpected, fallout of the recent financial turmoil appears to be the vastly increased power of the EU in financial matters. Sure, the UK is taking the hard "we lead, do as we say" approach, but they're not powerful enough to make that reality and they've always had the "fog over the channel, the continent isolated" approach to both trade, financials and politics. It's highly likely that the recently comparatively unfettered capitalism in the financial markets is going to be but a memory for a long time to come, and that this will not cause either much of an uproar (rather the contrary) or any appreciable negative effects - at the very least, nothing resembling the recent negative effects from the US style financial views which have predominated.

The recent moves by the ECB and the various EU countries, acting much more in a unified manner than ever before, appears to reinforce that the EU really has a powerful role to fill in matters of this kind. A strong, unified European financial market will make for a new powerhouse, and with the decline in US power there is an opportunity to grab a share. The Asian markets are well up for that task, and will be going for the jugular. It's important that the EU market is strong enough to put up a fight, and none of the individual countries have enough clout to do that.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

8:38PM - European Bailout? Wait a moment...

Money to Burn Fire Starters by _ES.While the bailout billions for the speculative financial crisis come close to a three-digit figure here in Germany with the new 35 billion bailout for private bank Hypo Real Estate (HRE), the mega-bailout of 700 billions of tax-payer money in the USA, which John McSame has painted as his success and leadership, has dramatically failed.

It has failed with a fiscally conservative house majority that might be closer to the opinions of the people on the street. With what result?

"What we now have is a non-functional government in the face of a major crisis, because Congress includes a quorum of crazies and nobody trusts the White House an inch. As a friend said last night, we've become a banana republic with nukes." (Paul Krugman, New York Times)
Money to Burn by Abu

Bradford & Bingley in Britain (63 billions) was more expensive than the HRE, Fortis in Benelux with 11 billion €uros cheaper - but eventually all this will not be enough, not the hundreds of billions in Europe, not the 700 billion $ in the US. And for that reason it seems prudent not to bail out to quickly, because no sum will be the end of it, however much we might hope so.

No broker would currently invest in the stock of investment banks and subprime financers. Why, exactly, should the taxpayer - with money which will mean zero options left for investing in education and innovation, for fighting hunger and extinguishable diseases. We all know that money spent on the "war on terror" is missing in the "war on want". The same goes for the bailout which would kill any room for investing progressively.

We cannot spend the same cent twice, as was done inside the real estate bubble. It is not the market economy which fails, it is a bubble bursting.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

9:48AM - Saakashvili's point of view on the Russia-Georgia war

Speech to the Parliament. Amateur and quite bad translation from Georgian. Posted by Illarionov, former Putin's aide


Saturday, August 23, 2008

5:00AM - Community Maintenance

In response to the recent activity in comments and this post I would like group members to take a quick poll.Read more...Collapse )

Thanks for your participation.

Current mood: annoyed

Friday, August 22, 2008

5:21PM - European warfare

Cross posted from my own journal

Recent political events in Europe have highlighted the different way western people relate to the same kind of behaviour depending on who is the actor. Georgia, under the impression that they had the US and maybe even NATO watching their back, blew a huge raspberry across the border to Russia, and quickly found out that their 4 million people country didn't rate nearly as highly with the western powers as they had led themselves to believe.

The response in Western media was predictable, and to a reasonably astute observer slightly nauseating. The US, as always, expressed outrage that Russia would dare act in the same way as the US acts. The countries which usually parrot the US response did just that, and the ones with a slightly more nuanced approach to foreign policy treated Russia pretty much like they usually treat the US "world police" actions, and just like when that happens, they pretty much drowned in the outpouring from the US propaganda machine.

It seems pretty clear from the US response that the assault on Georgia was something they expected would happen if Georgia would act as if they had big buddies to call on if things got rough. Whether or not the US deliberately led Georgia on to create this response is an interesting subject for examination and debate, and nothing I will pretend to have answers for right now. But it's clear that the US was ready to use the situation to try to make Russia look like big bullies.

In retrospect, the Russian response was well rehearsed, tempered and to the point. Unlike the Iraq debacle, there was no dismantling of existing power structures with nothing to replace it. Unlike the Chechnya debacle, there was no costly (for both sides) assaults pushing through civilians. The strike was hard, precise and executed with an almost Israeli style blanket of press releases denying what was actually going on. Russia has learned a lot from the disasters the US have walked through recently, and from the way Israel conducts their highly controversial black operations.

And at the end of it all, Russia is not going to face much in the way of consequences. There is no way they can suffer sanctions - they have energy western Europe needs, and the direct consequences of even an economical slap on the hand is more than the EU can handle at this point. The US may be frothing at the mouth (particularly since their Georgian gambit failed), but there is no way they will get anyone with any financial clout behind them in their demands that Russia is punished for acting like the US acts.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

1:34PM - 2000 dead bodies needed (URGENT!)

Human Rights Watchers searched Tskhinvali back and forth, could find just 44 dead bodies (half of them military - perhaps Georgian soldiers) instead on 1500-2000 promised by Lavrov/Putin/Medvedev as they are claiming "genocide" by the Georgian military.

The doctor also said that 44 bodies had been brought to the hospital since the fighting began, of both military and civilians. The figure reflects only those killed in the city of Tskhinvali. But the doctor was adamant that the majority of people killed in the city had been brought to the hospital before being buried, because the city morgue was not functioning due to the lack of electricity in the city.

The city itself is very far from being "leveled" as there just "some damaged buildings" (sic!). What is leveled, however, are ethnic Georgian villages.

Deliberate attempts by the Russian government to exaggerate the number of people killed in the South Ossetia conflict are provoking revenge attacks on Georgian villagers in the republic, a human rights group claimed yesterday.

According to former Estonian PM Mart Laar, returning from Georgia, Russia is going to use the bodies of dead Georgian villagers from the leveled villages as witnessed by Human Right Watch to present them as "Ossetian victims" of Georgian attack in attempt to increase the count
(source in Estonian)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ossetian Mourning


The blog is devoted to Tskhinvali's events. Photos, videos about Saakashvili's henchmen harassments over civil population in South Ossetia.

10:19AM - They will liberate you from your valuables


Russian press is describing mass looting, destruction and kidnapping of people of ethnic Georgian villages in S. Ossetia by the Russian troops and Ossetian militias (Google autotranlator can provide a general idea of content).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

5:49PM - Neocons Call For U.S. To Launch War With Russia

Posters note: It's a shame NeoCons on both sides of the Atlantic are only to excited to initiate what could only be described as World War III. As though Russia's aggression in Georgia some how warrant a full scale world ending nuclear exchange. It seems that only foolish old men think the future of all man kind is so worthless that end of the human species should be brought about over such trivial activities(in the grand scheme of things).

by Ben at August 11th, 2008 at 10:37 am

Today the New York Times reports that Russia is escalating its war with Georgia, “moving tanks and troops through the separatist enclave of South Ossetia and advancing toward the city of Gori in central Georgia” and even bombing parts of Tibilisi, the Georgian captial.

Russia’s increasing aggression is putting a spark into American neoconservatives. Today on the Times op-ed page, one of their leaders, William Kristol, claims the U.S. must “defend” Georgia’s sovereignty as a reward for its participation in Iraq, while the conservative Washington Times is calling for “maximum pressure” on Russia:

Bill Kristol: [Georgia] has had the third-largest military presence — about 2,000 troops — fighting along with U.S. soldiers and marines in Iraq. For this reason alone, we owe Georgia a serious effort to defend its sovereignty. Surely we cannot simply stand by as an autocratic aggressor gobbles up part of — and perhaps destabilizes all of — a friendly democratic nation.

Washington Times: It is in America’s interest to exert maximum pressure on Russia to withdraw its troops and halt the interference in Georgian territory. This latest act shows the need for greater resolve in establishing a European security system that can be an effective check on Russian power

Writing in the Washington Post today, Robert Kagan goes even further, suggesting that the Georgia-Russia conflict may be the start of World War III:
Do you recall the precise details of the Sudeten Crisis that led to Nazi Germany’s invasion of Czechoslovakia? Of course not, because that morally ambiguous dispute is rightly remembered as a minor part of a much bigger drama. […]

The mood is reminiscent of Germany after World War I, when Germans complained about the “shameful Versailles diktat” imposed on a prostrate Germany by the victorious powers and about the corrupt politicians who stabbed the nation in the back.

Like a good neoconservative, Kagan also links the Western response to the conflict and its wider policy towards Russia as “appeasement.”

Matthew Yglesias asks of Kagan’s World War II analogy: “If we launch a war with Russia — which would seem to be the point of busting out the analogy — then how are we going to find the time to launch wars with Iran and China?”


BBC analyzes what went wrong and why is the West so critical of Russia. Advisable for Russian info-warriors here.

X-posted from worldpolitics

12:51AM - Finesses of Russian "diplomacy" make Mordor's Sauron envious

In response to the EU's Baltic states criticism Russian envoy threatened "you will pay for this":

In response to comments made earlier in the day by Estonian President Toomas Ilves, who said the Russian attacks against Georgia would cause a revaluation of Russia-EU relations, Russia's ambassador to Latvia warned the Baltic states that they would pay for their criticism of the Kremlin over the conflict in Georgia, the Baltic news agency BNS reported.

"One must not hurry on such serious issues, as serious mistakes can be made that have to be paid for a long time afterwards," Alexander Veshnyakov was quoted as saying by BNS.


I am not sure the Russians need those slicky diplomats anymore, after achievements in the Caucasus. Diplomats are for girls, men have generals. If KGB colonel can run a country, why not make sergeant an envoy?

Monday, August 11, 2008

6:34PM - Russians advance in west Georgia

The Full Story version.
Source BBC

(The Georgian President runs for cover as he visits a bomb site.) Referring to video.

Russian troops have entered Georgia from the breakaway region of Abkhazia, as the conflict between the two neighbours appears to be broadening. Moscow said it had launched a raid on the town of Senaki to stop Georgia from attacking Russian forces in South Ossetia, another breakaway region. As the fighting continued in South Ossetia, foreign envoys were pressing for a ceasefire in the conflict. Each side accuses the other of carrying out atrocities in the region.

Fighting in South Ossetia erupted late last week when Georgia launched an overnight assault on the territory. Russia, which supports the province's bid for separation, then bombed targets throughout Georgia and moved troops into the region and into Abkhazia. On Monday EU envoys were attempting to broker an agreement between Tbilisi and Moscow.
Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili signed an EU-backed ceasefire, but the document was rejected by Moscow. And leaders from both countries carried on a war of words, with Russia accusing Georgia of genocide, and President Saakashvili hitting back with claims of ethnic cleansing.

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